Maybe I too am losing my religion. It’s a miracle it hasn’t happened sooner! What are we gonna do now?  It’s all messed up now!!!  A symbol of the Gospel Music culture has generated controversy for being a friend publically to someone who they (the community) feel doesn’t reflect the views and opinions of Christ. And why wouldn’t they (am I supposed to say ‘we’) not be upset. This disturbs everything we know about our Christianity. This man’s action now calls into question everything the world thinks is pure and righteous about our everyday walk and talk. Keep in mind… The reason why we sing is so that others know we know what the world know we know we’re supposed to say and do… And who to love and who to tolerate. And who to show compassion and who to crucify. 

In my sanctified imagination, I propose, through no insight into his psyche, that this “symbol” of the community figured that 1, 2, 3 or possible all 4 of the following would be a victory:
1. We are Christians by our love so taking a road trip through diverse musical styles will allow me to plant a seed into a foreign land

2. Those who don’t agree with the decision will pray for me and not condemn me to hell

3. A desire to personally wanna be happy will allow for God to increase territory dominated by negativity 

Maybe it’s time for other artist in the Gospel music community to publically embrace the heathens in their life. In a moment, we will appreciate that the true story for all of us involves diversity of thought, beliefs, and experiences. I pray that those not supporting an artist’s desire to vehicles of inspiration will stop over-analyzing, over-criticizing, and over-expecting something from someone/anyone… especially when they didn’t birth the gift in the individual in the first place. I can’t speak for yours, but my world needs you to support the inclusion of people who are lost. What is your intercession plan? Some received no sleep tonight praying for others and some received no sleep preying on others … are we strong enough in our own faith to love Kirk, pray for Kirk, and stomp out the negativity? 

Before you delete all your Kirk albums, listen to “Losing My Religion” and appreciate an artist trying to use a gift to be a friend to someone who some say clearly needs a positive spiritual influence in his life.


Best Fight Scenes

today is my 31st birthday!  As I get older, I realize that I do a lot of things easier now that i’m older than when I was younger.  Here are 3 of those things…

1. Pass Gas.  Oh, just like my praise, it doesn’t take much.  Just like my praise, my gas is like a helicopter… it doesn’t need a runway to take off.  Like my praise, it is continual.  Like my praise, it is abundant depending upon my mood.  Like my praise, it seems to be more intense when there is something going on in the inside.  Like my praise, I gotta get it out!!!  Sometimes, I pass gas during alter prayer, but I’m reminded of Mark 11:25 where it says “And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.”  Meaning that if you forgive me for passing gas, he might forgive you for the fornication you did last night before or plan on doing after church… And may I remind you not to worry about my gas!  Luke 17:3-4 says Pay attention to yourselves! If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him, (4) and if he sins against you seven times in the day, and turns to you seven times, saying, ‘I repent,’ you must forgive him.”

I use this while in bed every night, but I’m not sure if my wife gets to go to heaven.  She gets to about 1 and a half forgives and then starts GOING OFF!!!  You all pray her strength!  When she ask “are you gonna keep passing gas?”  I tell her Peter in Matthew 18:21-22 asked that same question. “Lord, how often will my brother (husband) sin against me, and I forgive him? As many as seven times?” (22) Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you seven times, but seventy times seven.”  This might be a LOONNGGG night!

2. Curse. Don’t yall judge me!  But yes, my tongue has issues.  What I’ve come to realize in my 31 years of living is that church sometimes makes you curse!  Have you ever been in church and your girlfriend or spouse testified on your behalf.  The man or woman of God is up there preaching and starts getting real good into their sermon “and the Lord says that a man that doesn’t work doesn’t eat”  And then your soul mate screams out “OH YOU PREACHIN TODAY DOC!” then you have to whisper to her “hey, I’ve been looking for a job but they keep telling me I’m over qualified!”  Then the preacher keeps on talking “If you got a man that wants you to stand and cook for 30 minutes in the kitchen but don’t wanna give you more than 30 seconds laying down in the bedroom then maybe it’s time to leave that zero and get the man that God has predestined to be the man that will satisfy you physically, mentally, AND emotionally ONCE YOU’VE GOTTEN MARRIED.  If he wants you then he outta put a ring on it”  Then, again, you have to whisper. “Hey baby, you know I’ve been stressed out a lot and I lose my concentration and I promised you I would marry you once I get established somewhere and we get some things worked out… why the hell are you trippin like this?”

But hold on, now a days, it’s not just the congregation that be cursing.  Some of these ministers be slippin up to.  I went to a service where the minister was talking about Jesus being on the cross.  No lie, he said “and yall betta be happy it was Jesus on that cross.  Cause had it been me on that cross… sheeeeeeeeee…”  Now yes, had it been me, I would’ve been tricking off on Peter and Matthew to trying to cop a plea deal or a reduced sentence, but come on!

3. Laughing and Crying I have truly become soft in my old age.  I laugh and cry at just about everything!  Now, I’m 6 foot 4, 230 pounds… but I can’t hear Celine Dion sing that Titanic song without breaking out in a sweat! And don’t get me started on movies… O M G!!!  It started with Aladdin.  That magic carpet ride was like a spell on my ego.  I became an instant PUNK!  But it didn’t stop there.  OH NO!  I went and saw Toy Story 3 yesterday.  I don’t wanna give nothing away, but when the D happens, and they go through the S’s where they P, OMG… I was DONE!  Had to take off the 3D glasses.  I was seriously CHOKED UP!!!  But then what sent me over the edge was when I was watching Marley and Me, and this stupid dog, which, by the way, I would’ve had youthenized 20 minutes into the movie… but when D happens to the dog and they B it, O M G… and the sad part was, I prepared for the scene, knew it was about to happen, and IT MEANT NOTHING!  But that is the crying part… I also find it easier to laugh… especially in church.  I remember this service where this guy wanted the prophet to prophesy over his life.  “I’ve been talking to God, but He hasn’t been answering me.  I wanna know what God told you about me!”  The prophet called him up, laid hands on him.  And the prophet spoke these words… “If you stop masterbating so much, you might be able to actually hear me when I’m calling your name…”  I just about lost it!

So help me celebrate my birthday by finding something to laugh about today!  Thanks!


Really wish everyone accepted speeches like John Legend… this world would be a better place!

I wonder if Trey Songz’s date knows that she probably won’t be going home with him tonight?

Why does Trey’s mom look like his older sister… what was she, 8 when she had him… i’m just curious!    And is that Marvin Sapp as his dad?

no stage presence… don’t make those faces… get someone to sing your hooks for you… follow this advice and “thank me later…”

Dude wearing a straightjacket…


AND YES… Jay Z and Alicia is better than Trey Songz and ANYONE!!!!

B.O.B.  this dude is NICE!  Solid lyrics, not talking about SWAG… I have the album, and his live set is just as impressive!

Is this Keisha Cole struggling… will someone please cut her mic!!!1  Seriously please shut up!  And then Em comes on and kills it!  This is a great show!!!!

I could use a wish right now… SOMEONE DROP KICK KEISHA IN THE THROAT…

Her appearances are so flawless… timeless… Alicia is a true artist!  Yes, artist of the decade!  All her songs are my cuts!  You can tell the difference between studio artist and REAL artist!  She doesn’t need filler and mastering!  This girl is a BEAST!  And is that a maternity dress?  She can stand and sing OR sit and sing… doesn’t mean a thing to this woman!

I am VERY impressed!!